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Choices Addiction Treatment Program Reviewed Favorably

January, 02 2013

Choices Addiction Treatment Program Reviewed Favorably

On December 20, 2012  representatives from the Seven Challenges program traveled to Syracuse to meet with Choices supervisor, Michael Nemeti and review his experiences using their curriculum. Cassie Russell from Seven Challenges spent the day auditing the program, and meeting with other personnel associated with the program including Linda Lopez, Project Director, Oncare; Elmcrest employee Shereen Webb; Choices therapist Aubrey Stover and the new social worker at Hillbrook Detention Center.

They were pleased with how the program is being utilized through group and individual sessions as well as the consistent fidelity with implementing the Seven Challenges program model. They look forward to seeing the program evolve and expand in Syracuse. Currently the program has been active for 5 months under OASAS license and has expanded to include extra staff.

Funded by a grant from OnCare, Choices is designed for youths and young adults ages 13 to 23 who wish to engage in drug or alcohol treatment which puts the emphasis on their decision making and the power they have to shape their own lives. The program works with youth to offer a personalized support structure. Length of treatment depends upon the individual and their needs.  

Referrals are accepted directly and anyone wishing to engage with Choices can call Michael Nemeti at (315) 446-6250. Referrals are accepted continuously. More information about Choices can be found at www.cnyservices.org.  

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