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Forensic Programs:

Oneida County

Forensic Evaluation Unit (FEU)

An alternative-to-incarceration/ diversion program for adults who are involved in the Oneida County criminal justice system and are struggling with mental illness, chemical dependency, intellectual or developmental disabilities, or other behavioral health challenges. Provides assessment and case management services in partnership with participants, courts, attorneys, and area providers. Contact: Forensic Evaluation Unit at (315) 735-2281.

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Forensic Mental Health Unit (FMH)

Provides comprehensive forensic mental health programs within the 600 bed Oneida County Correctional Facility.
Programs include assessments, suicide prevention, adjustment monitoring, medication management and discharge planning. Contact: Forensic Behavioral Health Services Coordinator at (315) 768-4744. 

Dual Recovery Network Case Management (REHAT)

The Dual Recovery Network (DRN) is a collaborative agreement between Upstate Cerebral Palsy, Central New York Services, and Mohawk Valley Council on Alcoholism/Addictions.

DRN offers an intensive case management program providing services for people who are homeless or at significant risk of homelessness and who have a severe chronic mental illness and substance abuse diagnoses.

  • The primary goal is to assist individuals in establishing and maintaining stability across all life domains.
  • Offers short term stabilization case management program which feeds into the larger system of care coordination.
  • Case loads are 1:10 with case manager providing highly intensive services on an as needed basis.

Case Management Services include:

  • Intake and screening
  • Assessment and reassessments
  • Person Centered service Planning
  • Referrals to services providers
  • Monitoring of services
  • Collaboration with Provider
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis planning and intervention
  • Discharge Planning

Referrals accepted from a variety community professionals including: mental health clinics, hospitals, mental health professionals, outpatient and inpatient substance abuse treatment facilities, correctional facilities, probation, NYS Division of Parole, community providers, family and self.

Forensic Case Management (FCM)

The Forensic Case Management program works with inmates from the Oneida County Correctional Facility who have a need for community - based services upon their release from confinement. The FCM team consists of trained and experienced individuals who work in concert with the Forensic Mental Health staff and other community providers to ensure that individuals are afforded the community-based treatment interventions that are needed. Services include, but are not limited to: referral to the appropriate community provider, advocacy services to enhance participant compliance and success, follow-up with the provider, and on-going compliance monitoring. Contact: Forensic Case Management (315) 765-0729.

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